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Message ID: 45     Entry time: Tue May 10 12:27:31 2011
Author: Brendan Kiburg 
Category: Seminar 
Subject: Thesis Defense Slides + backups + pdf link 
Type: 2011 

My powerpoint talk at my thesis defense on May 5th, 2011 is here: http://muon.npl.washington.edu/exp/MuCap/notes/kiburg_thesis_talk.pptx

It is best viewed in slideshow mode, as several of the slides build.

Snapshots of some of PW's talks and Sara's recent APS talk, as well as classic mucap slides are also included in the backup slides.

A copy of my dissertation is available here:  http://muon.npl.washington.edu/exp/MuCap/notes/Brendan_Kiburg_thesis.pdf


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