MuCap on Site Crew at Party Summer 2006


Graduate Students working on MuCap (past and present)

Name Work in Progress
Steven Clayton, UIUC "MuCap, the First Generation"
Tom Banks, UCB "MuCap, the First Generation"
Brendan Kiburg, UIUC "MuCap, the Final Word"
Sara Knaack, UIUC "MuCap, Precison Studies of Muon Induced Processes"

Undergrad. and Summer Student Work on MuCap

Nidhi Patel, UIUC summer 2001 "Garfield studies of Multiwire and Drift Chambers for MuCap"
Tim Klein, UIUC spring 2002 "Design and Test of Readout Electronics for the MuCap ePC"
Alex Thaler, Columbia summer 2002 "Design of Readout Electronics for the MuCap ePC"
Scott Headley, UIUC summer 2003 at PSI "Preparing a Cylindrical Wire Chamber for the MuCap Experiment "

Rich Pimpinella, UIUC

summer 2006 at PSI "Electronic Design of a High Voltage NanoAmp Meter", "MuCap Run 10"

In addition, all grad. students of the UIUC Muon Group contributed to hardware and run preparations. Madhu Ojha from UK pioneered the WFD analysis in MuCap.

Thanks for your hard work !